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Thursday 21 February 2019 – Sarah Leah Cobham, CEO of Dream Time Creative gave her talk on the Forgotten Women of Wakefield at Walton Community Library to a packed audience. Sarah brought the subject to life and surprised us with the ways in which Wakefield has been at the forefront of the women’s suffragist movement and women’s education.

She and her team of volunteer researchers are dedicated to raising the profile of these important women and ensuring that they and their achievements are commemorated appropriately with Blue Plaques in keeping


with the plaques already erected to commemorate significant men and buildings.

Huge thanks to Sarah for an interesting and entertaining evening as part of the library’s Third
Thursday Topic program. The audience certainly appreciated the surprising information about the
ways in which these women made a difference during their own lifetimes and how this changed life
in Wakefield, UK and the world at large.

More information about the Forgotten Women of Wakefield and Dream Time Creative can be found
on their  webpage