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The Trustees of Walton Community Library are pleased to announce that following discussions held over recent months agreement  in principle has been reached with the Directors of Waterton Academy Trust  (WAT) and the Governors of Walton Primary Academy  to secure the future of the Library.

The school authorities have agreed to grant a long term sub-lease of land, rent free, in the school grounds adjacent to the entrance to the school off The Grove. To implement this the Library Trustees have embarked on plans to  complete a new building  prior to Summer 2020.

In the intervening period the school  intends to partition the existing library space  and to use the rear section for music and other educational purposes. The library will  be re-organised to occupy the front section. Works for this will be completed in the coming summer holiday.

The Trustees would like to thank the WAT and the school’s Governors for facilitating this development in the life of the Community Library and for their continued support.

Our aims are ambitious. To achieve a new building which will be of a design in which the whole village can take pride and one which will make possible a wide range  of activities, events and uses available for the whole community. It will be much more than just a library. That said there is a massive amount to do on many fronts, legal, planning, design, construction and, not least, fundraising to obtain the not inconsiderable finance that will be required.

Dates for the temporary closure of the Library to allow for the partitioning and re organisation works will be announced shortly. We intend to hold  a public consultation meeting this coming Autumn to share  with the village details of the  new building  proposals.

Colin Moran

Trustees Chair

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