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#Walton Library Reopening
New Premises!!
Your library is moving, and we hope to be open soon. The new building is looking impressive and will accommodate all the activities that were going on before, e.g. Guides, choir, chess club, book club, ukulele groups and, hopefully, some new ones as well. This move will incur considerable expenditure. Walton Community Library is a charity and Covid-19 has meant that our normal fundraising, like that of many charities, stopped completely.
We want to make the inside of our new building look as good as the outside. We aim to raise £25,000 to provide, for example, essentials such as chairs, folding tables, and computers as well as more specialist items such as dementia friendly equipment, interactive toys for children, and equipment to showcase the budding entertainers amongst us.
Please give whatever you can via a bank or the following links
Thank you
The GoFundMe link is
Walton Community Library,
Charles Waterton House,
6 Almond Avenue, Walton,
Wakefield WF2 6UA.
Charity Number 1154607
Bacs: Walton Community Library
Sort Code 08 92 99
Account no 65888649
Cheques made payable to Walton Community Library
and can be dropped off at 48 School Lane, Walton.
The GoFundMe link is
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Maria, Sue and Margaret on the Pickering to Whitby North York Moors Railway Ukulele Express

Roy’s Video 

Walton Ukulele’s annual excursion to Pickering to join the Ukulele Express
was, as always, great fun with over three hours of playing and singing on the return train journey across the beautiful North York Moors. There were groups from all over the UK on board with sections from Hull and Warrington adjacent to us. The Wrens with Felicity were further down the train.

On the way to the seaside we all played from the Uke Express Official Songbook. This included Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds which pleased Sue Taylor so much that when we reached the end of the song she yelled, ” last verse again” and after that “AGAIN” each time we got to what we thought was the end.

At Whitby there was time for Fish and Chips at the Magpie followed by a stroll in the sunshine to Whitby Music Shop, managing to get lost on the way, and then a pint for some back at the excellent railway station bar.

On the return most in our carriage sang our Walton Uke Express  Songbook which contains 17 songs selected by Maria, Margaret, Sue, John, Roy and Richard. There were also songs sheets distribute by other groups with the last verse of Delilah ringing out at Pickering Station as the Uke Express came to its final stop with bemused and smiling NYMR passengers looking on from the platform.

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The Trustees of Walton Community Library are pleased to announce that following discussions held over recent months agreement  in principle has been reached with the Directors of Waterton Academy Trust  (WAT) and the Governors of Walton Primary Academy  to secure the future of the Library.

The school authorities have agreed to grant a long term sub-lease of land, rent free, in the school grounds adjacent to the entrance to the school off The Grove. To implement this the Library Trustees have embarked on plans to  complete a new building  prior to Summer 2020.

In the intervening period the school  intends to partition the existing library space  and to use the rear section for music and other educational purposes. The library will  be re-organised to occupy the front section. Works for this will be completed in the coming summer holiday.

The Trustees would like to thank the WAT and the school’s Governors for facilitating this development in the life of the Community Library and for their continued support.

Our aims are ambitious. To achieve a new building which will be of a design in which the whole village can take pride and one which will make possible a wide range  of activities, events and uses available for the whole community. It will be much more than just a library. That said there is a massive amount to do on many fronts, legal, planning, design, construction and, not least, fundraising to obtain the not inconsiderable finance that will be required.

Dates for the temporary closure of the Library to allow for the partitioning and re organisation works will be announced shortly. We intend to hold  a public consultation meeting this coming Autumn to share  with the village details of the  new building  proposals.

Colin Moran

Trustees Chair