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About Us

Walton Singers meet every Monday evening from 19:00 to 20:30 at Walton Community Library.   Find Us


Choir Director: Claire Marsh

Pianist: Joanne Tidy


Why not come along to one of our choir sessions and experience for  yourself why singing in a mixed age group choir is a good idea. There are no auditions, no musical knowledge required and definitely no pressure. We are an Open Access Choir and available to anyone.

Choirs can seem comfortable, middle-aged and the ultimate in conformity, yet there is so much more going on behind the singing,  the social atmosphere and the fun. A choir has been described as  “ A group of people giving themselves permission to politely scream in public – and in doing so making themselves feel amazing. ” That’s a pretty good description of what you will experience if you join us and it’s available to everyone young and old. People like you…. Come and join us.


If you are interested in joining us, just turn up. For further information visit the library during opening hours, or email

We sing a wide range of music from old classics to modern popular music.